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On this page you will find - usually every month - a new essay concerning spiritual search. These essays are inspired by Advaita Vedanta, a millennium old Indian tradition which is solely dedicated to helping humans to realize their true nature. This knowledge is the key to so-called awakening and enlightenment

The essays on this page deal with the basic questions of human existence as well as those questions, which particulary bother the spiritual seeker today. Subject suggestions will be taken up with pleasure (please send an email). Every now and then I will also put original Vedanta Texts on this page or Western culture texts related to Vedanta (e.g., the mystics).

What about astrology?
I am talking here about the search for the real self. Those interested in astrology are, would like to know themselves better. Nevertheless, this „ themselves “ is different from the self, which the spiritual seeker would like to realize. With the help of astrology we understand the material body as well as the subtle body of a person which consists of body, energy, actions, thoughts and feelings. To know about these, is reasonable and practical, because it allows us to form own life more consciously and more sensibly. In addition, with the help of astrologyy we can look into the future: We look at subtle phenomena, i.e. how the energies of the planets will affect us today or in the future. This knowledge is valuable as well, because it helps to handle life in a more relaxed and more adequate way. All this is part of an astrological counseling.

Beyond astrology
Those who would like to look beyond, start off on a search for their real self, meaning that which goes beyond body and mind. However, why should I ask myself who or what I am? Why should I do that? What’s in it for me? Is it not enough that I am?


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