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Take a look at the stars with Sitara
... and you’ll see your life in a new light!

You’ll learn about the meaning of your life, about what ressources are at your disposal, and where the journey of your soul is meant to take you this time. You’ll learn more about your true potential and you will gain a deeper understanding of why your life is the way it is right now – and how to make something of it. 

In order for you to know what energies are at work right now, we will look into the astrological cycles you are in –the previous, the current and the next year. This makes it easier for you to tap into full of the energies potential and make use of them in the most creative way. Your trust in life and in yourself will be enhanced, which in turn will harmonize and stabilize the energy flow between body, soul and spirit.

Individual counsellings
available in Cologne/Germany, via phone or skype.
Please let me know whether you want to have  a recording of the session (recommended).

- astro-counselling with a reading of your birth chart and a forecast of the planetary influences in the course of the coming year.

- Follow-up reading after one year, with an updated look into your birth chart as to the forthcoming constellations plus a forecast for the next 12 months

- Astro-counselling sessions yearly counsellings (from half an hour onwards as often as you want).

A horoscope for your child
No matter how old your child may be, being familiar with his or her horoscope is an invaluable support for parents. You’ll have a clear idea of the gifts and tasks your child has brought along into this life and how to support your child in finding his/her way in the future.
Where does he/she need encouragement and when must he/she be shown his/her limits? What talents and what obstacles lie hidden in his/her inner world?

Astrology of the lunar nodes is a central aspect of Sitara Mittag’s astrological sessions, as they give valuable clues about your child’s soul-history: Where does the child want to go in this life – and what means can he/she draw on? When dealing with the child, the parents’ charts will also been taken into account (if known). This will help to identify not only their impact on the child, but also the impact the child has on them.
Please note that talking about the horoscope of your child is meant to help you with the upbringing of your child. It is not meant as a session for the child itself.

Spiritual Counsellings
can be booked at any time. Spiritual counselling is not about astrology, which in fact is left far behind. This offer concerns seekers who feel stuck in their spiritual development and are searching for new impulses and answers. 

Spiritual guidance through the dying process
Sitara is a qualified hospice worker and offers spiritual end-of-life care in Cologne, as well as conversations about the process of dying and death on a one-to-one basis via phone or skype. This facility is free of charge but is meant only for those who are explicitly searching for meaning while dying or for those who are confronted with the death of one of their loved ones.

5% of all fees go to charitable purposes. Please check the "links" site for > Links to some of the charitable oranizations supported by Sitara.

There are more sessions available in German only. If you speak German, check out the German > Angebote.