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Sitara Mittag

has been interested in astrology since she was 12. From the age of 24 she has been practising astrology professionally. She lived in Germany, India, the South of
France and Australia where she worked
not only as an astrologer but also as a psychotherapist. She specialized in chakra and subtle energy work. Sitara is a certified naturopath and a reincarnation therapist. Since 12 years now, she has been writing the monthly horoscopes for the
German Osho Times.

So far she has published three books in German language. The first two deal with the moon nodes – her special field -, and her latest book deals with the topic of when
and how certain planetary energies influence our lives.

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Sitara Mittag gives individual astrological and spiritual counselling sessions in English and German, either personally in Cologne, on the phone or via Skype. 

Sitara’s monthly horoscope is available in the online magazine Osho News.
Sitara also regularly contributes book reviews for the
Advaita Academy.

In German, you can read the horoscope valid for the current month on the websites of the Osho Times as well as of the UTA Osho Institute in Cologne, Germany. Apart from that, Sitara occasionally writes astrological contributions for a number of publications.

She also works as a texter, proof reader and translator of spiritual subject matters.

For several years, Sitara has been studying Advaita Vedanta, the ancient Indian teaching of Non-Duality. Sitara would like to make the precious jewels from this tradition available to the Western seeker of truth. At the moment she is writing a book about Advaita Vedanta. You will find a taste of it here.

Sitara`s telephone number is: 0049 (for Germany) (0) 221 - 510 30 74