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Many people would actually like to visit an astrologer but shy away from it. Their nervousness is understandable because, as every other counselor, an astrologer has to be selected with care. There are now many good astrologers, but not every astrologer suits one.

A good astrologer is, above all, competent as a human being, i.e. his heart is in the right place, he is sensitive and has a completely positive approach towards all astrological constellations, be it in the birth chart or as future influences. He knows that every person’s make up is highly individual and always totally valid. And he knows that every astrological influence wants to advance our personal development, even if it can be difficult at times.

In order that one profits from the consultation one needs to trust the astrologer. So how do I find out who is the right one for me?

It helps if someone has written a book or an article to one’s liking or if friends recommend someone. But it is also possible to simply ring an astrologer and without obligations enquire about what they offer. After that one will usually know quite well whether one feels fine with this person or not. Such a feeling needs to be trusted unconditionally.

Of course it is quite exciting to call someone whom one does not know at all. Just remember, however, that at any point you can simply hang up the phone!

But chances are that you do not want to do that at all because there are actually quite nice astrologers!